Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) is more and more considered to be an important trend in society, which requires a new way of thinking about the internal and external organizational issues of organizations, in particular companies:

La Phenicienne have made corporate social responsability (CSR) a key element of its identity.
We acknowledge our responsability towards the community and strive to achieve significant and sustainable benefit to the community in social , economic and / or environmental arenas.

Our Activities
Climate Change and Sustainable Lifestyles
Presentation in coordination with (AFDC) –Dated 16-04-2010 Climate change, which is considered one of the…
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Recyclable Waste
La Phenicinne Insurance Company since Mid Ninety is collecting all it's recyclable waste (plastic and paper) and as from…
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       Green  economy and the Corporate social Responsibility  (Presentation…
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Seminar " BODY LANGUAGE" a key to success in the workplace
 A Seminar "BODY LANGUAGE" was presented by MR.HABIB KHOURY to "LA PHENICIENNE" Employees which was divided by two…
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Maad Reforestration
The Association for forests, development and Conservation (AFDC) in collaboration with "La Phenicienne" insurance company…
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Cedar Adoption in the Barouk Cedar Forest
On July 23rd 2011 , a group of Employees at La Phenicienne Insurance company visit the Barouk Cedar Forest where the…
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Cancer is one of leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, despite enormous efforts…
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ZWA - La Phenicienne
Zero Waste ACT®, waste segregation and recycling program in Lebanon, supported the employees…
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