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Cancer is one of leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, despite enormous efforts of science researchers from various disciplines aimed at ameliorating the dismal outcome of cancer mortality. The rate of death from cancer has not declined significantly even with advances in surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Prevention of cancer remains evidently an essential part of the contest against cancer in the world (Zhao et al. 2010; Jermal et al. 2009).

Cancer cells occur as a result of unique multiple genetic disorders that may arise from exposure to environmental and occupational carcinogenic agents or dietary habits and infectious agents (Sugimura, 1992). The increased incidence of cancer in the world today and justifies the application of cancer prevention.

Particularly in Lebanon, where the cancer cases have increased tremendously in the recent years, there was more than 10000 new cases in 2010 compared to 6000 cases in 2004 which translate into 250 new cancer cases per 100000 population in 2010 compared to 150 new cancer cases per 100000 population in 2004 knowing in advance that these numbers are underestimated due to the rate of underreporting (Lebanon National Cancer Registry 2011). Roughly, half of these cancer patients would die despite all the available medical and surgical treatments. For all the reasons mentioned above, I did publish my book in 2010 about WHAT TO EAT? WHAT TO DRINK? WHAT TO DO? to prevent CANCER in order to highlight the importance of an educational preventative program along with awareness campaigns in schools and universities.

We did organize an educational lecture at La PHENICIENNE to used as a guide for everyday way of life, ranging from what kind of food to eat, in which way, how to choose right, how to select the safe food additives and E numbers, what kind of cosmetics and everyday use products to apply of course without mentioning any brand names and trademarks, what are the characteristics of safe sunscreens, plastic containers…etc. What to drink, how to exercise, how to avoid toxic chemicals and radiation exposure…etc. All of these recommendations and more are endorsed by an evidence based medicine.

Hand by hand we will succeed in marking of a fingerprint in our society through the big and important implementation of such a “U” turn towards a healthy nation.
President & Founder of AMPM

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Cancer is one of leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, despite enormous efforts…
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