Householder Insurance

These proposal forms are not a proof of cover unless a written confirmation is given by our company.

Covers                                                                  Limit (US Dollars)

I-   Fire (Building) owned or rented                               (A)

II-  Contents                                                                   (B)

Lightning 100 percent of (A+B)                                                       
Aerial Devices or articles dropped therefrom            100 percent of (A+B)
Earthquake 100 percent of (A+B)
Neighbours Recourse   50 percent of (A+B)
Water Damage    5 percent of (A+B)
Storm, Tempest and Flood    5 percent of (A+B)
Gaz Explosion (even not followed by fire)    5 percent of (A+B)
Survey fees for water Damage  1.5 percent of (A+B)
Plate Glass

 Up to USD 1,500 (US Dollars One Thousand Five Hundred)

Impact  2.5 percent of (A+B)


III- Loss of or damage to servant's property             US$. 1,000.-- (One thousand US Dollars).


IV- Additional Expenses of alternative                    US$. 10,000.-- (Ten thousand US Dollars).

      Accomodation and loss of Rent         


V- Public Liability

Bodily Injury per person                             US$. 10,000.-- (Ten thousand US Dollars)               
Property Damage per Claim US$. 10,000.-- (Ten thousand US Dollars)
Maximum any one accident             US$. 30,000.-- (Thirty thousand US Dollars)


VI- Compensation for death of the insured            US$. 10,000.-- (Ten thousand US Dollars)


VII- BURGLARY with forcible entry                         100 percent of (B)


Jewels, Money and cheques are excluded

Subject to:

  • A Pre risk survey
  • A Selection of clients
  • A Minimum premium of US$.175.-- per policy.


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