Burglary Insurance

To cover the contents of the properties against theft by forcible and violent entry.
Burglary policy is only written in conjunction with a Fire policy.

Whereas burglary cover might be given on a first loss basis.

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Burglary insurance:

Contents /Money / cash in transit / in safe / Hold up (Money) / and infidelity of employees




The insurer under this Policies indemnify the Insured against loss of cash, Currency Notes, Coins, and cheques whilst in transit enroute to final destination and/or in locked safe.


Scope of cover:

The policy Covers the loss sustained in the following situations:

  1. The cover is available for the loss of cash drawn for the payment of wages, salaries and other earnings or for petty cash in direct transit (for the work necessities) from the bank to the Insured's premises all over the Lebanese territory. Risk Starts from the time the cash is received at the Bank by the Insured or the authorized employee of the Insured as detailed in the Policy until delivered at the premises or other place of disbursement (declared with the Insurer) and until their paid out.
  2. Loss of Cash by forcible entry or hold-up ( by armed persons) whilst in the Insured's premises in locked safe or strong room and also damage to the safe or strong room caused by burglary and thieves. The Cover also includes the loss of Cash even during non-business hours provided same is secured in locked safe or locked strong room on the premises.


Premium / Rate


The Policy should indicate the estimated amount of money in transit/safe during the period of insurance.

This is the amount on which the deposit premium is calculated initially at a fixed rate but the premium is finally adjusted at the end of each year of the insurance in accordance with the actual amount in transit/in safe which must be correctly declared by the Insured.



  • Proposal form duly signed by the insured.
  • Policy is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of La Phenicienne Insurance policy.


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Additional Cover:

Infidelity of Employees

To cover the Infidelity of your employees who are in charge against theft of the money. (Refer to Our Company)

Burglary Insurance FAQs
What to do in case of Burglary Claim
What to do in case of Burglary Claim
  1. Don't touch anything
  2. Call the Policemen
  3. Call the Insurance Company to carry out an Inspection of the losses.
  4. All invoices and books record must be available at inquiry of the expert.